bones trailing a hand up jim’s exposed and bruise-littered throat to cup his chin, holding him steady as he fucks jim sitting in his lap, keeping his eyes on jim’s the entire time, wanting to see those electric blue eyes and that pretty gasping mouth when his captain eventually loses control.


dont ask me to smile in pictures because i will look like this 100% of the time

bones tying jim’s wrists and making him sit still as bones lies spread out on the bed, fucking himself on his own fingers and jim is squirming as bones’ southern drawl grows thicker in his desperation and he’s moaning jim’s name like a prayer
”jim, jim, jim”

ofjimkirk: possessive bones shoving an all-too-willing jim into an empty booth covered in darkness at a low-key bar, fucking jim across the table and letting jim just scream so everyone knows who he belongs to; just who gets to leave their mark on jims beautiful body 

oh my god exhibitionist bones bless u

i had to leave the room and put my head in the sink after this, not gonna lie.

send me mckirk headcanons pls and thank


have you accepted possessive!bones as your lord and savior bc god knows i have

nerd!bones sitting between pastel!jim’s, trying to swat him away with his free hand as he reads, jim threading flowers through bones’ hair, his own colourful hair playing host to a garden already.

jim and bones curled up on the sofa on a sunday afternoon, both half-buried under a big blanket and bones is carding his fingers lazily through jim’s messy hair, jim fighting to keep his eyes open but eventually he gives in, burrowing into bones’ chest and falling asleep, bones not far behind him.